"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1


How did God Create? 

The 1st chapter of Genesis tells about God creating the earth. It says that He merely spoke and things were created. God has that kind of power. If I say I will make a painting, for example, then I have to work and do that, but when God says for something to exist, it is there. The power is in God to do this.

Only God can create life, if Satan is trying to trick us into thinking something is coming to life, he has to either impersonate it, he or his angels, or he has to hypnotize you and make you think you are seeing something when you are really not.

 Laws of the Universe 

God has set up His universe with laws to govern and control how things work. We call them natural laws, and they are very dependable. If Magic were a true concept, nothing would be dependable. 

Just imagine dropping something and one day it will fall to the floor and the next day go smashing up through the ceiling? Think about the properties of water, they act in certain ways, dependably so. But what if one day you drink water and are refreshed but another day everything changes somehow and you are poisoned; Or if one day water decided to act like gasoline and bursts into flames.

Astronauts can tell you just how exact and dependable God’s natural laws are; if it were not so, they never could have gone to the moon and back.

And think of the number of mischievous and mean people there are, who if they could manipulate these laws at will, we would never have a moment’s peace. Actually, if you get deeply enough involved with the demon spirits that are the real power behind ‘magic’; that is just what happens, you will be tormented and never have a moments peace!

God doesn’t run that kind of universe, His laws are good, beneficial and consistent so we can have security in our lives to the degree we learn to live in harmony with those laws.


Does God Prefer Miracles?

There are basically two kinds of miracles, one where God uses His creative, life-giving power to heal or restore and the other where He uses His agents, such as our guardian angels to protect us by stopping harm from reaching us or by snatching us from harm’s way.

Both of these He is doing constantly, we will never know how much we are dependant on the direct power and intervention of God in our lives, until the veil is removed and we see the unseen and are shown all His providences.

It is only when these interventions come in an accelerated or dramatic way that we tend to see them and call it a miracle. But really, every day we live and every loaf of bread we eat is a miracle of God’s love and sustaining power.

We often want to see His power in this accelerated form and we pray for ‘miracles’. We are impatient and want to see dramatic, instantaneous healings and so on. But God’s desire is that we learn to understand the laws He has put in place to govern Nature and our health and to live in harmony with them. 

He cannot work for us with ‘miraculous’ power when we cast aside His laws of health and then ask Him to heal us anyway. It is no less the power of God that heals us when we take hold of the health Laws and bring our habits in line with these laws then when He heals suddenly in response to the prayer of faith. Also the person healed ‘instantly’ is expected then to obey the Laws of health, which are no less God’s laws then are the Ten Commandments, ‘lest a worse thing come unto him.’

The Dependable Laws of a Dependable God

God’s promises are sure and available to all who will fulfill the conditions contained in them. Just as the laws of nature are dependable, consistent and measurable, so are the promises and sustaining power of our loving heavenly Father. Inspiration tells us that there is a science in the things of God. It is a science that God wants us to study. It is much greater than magic, as it always works and there is real power from the Life-Giver to back it up. 

Where do we go to study that science? We are to go to our knees, ask God, in the name of Jesus, for the Great Heavenly Teacher, the Holy Spirit and then we are to get into the Bible and study and learn. Everything that we find there, we are to put to practice. When we are shown changes we must make and things to repent of, we are to do it. 

Remember as long as you continue to learn the lessons of this science and practice them, the Holy Spirit will keep teaching you more. There is no limit to the knowledge and power of the Science of the Bible!

Real Power in a Book? 

By the Word of the Lord…

We have heard about magic books, we seem fascinated by the idea of some musty old tome found in some attic in an ancient trunk being full of secret spells that when studied and practiced cause all sorts of wonderful and powerful events. Well I want to tell you this day that there is such an ancient book and you probably have that book in your home. 

It is the only book that actually has real power in it. It is the Bible.

Remember what we found out was the way God created everything? It was by His Word. Where do we find His Word today? In the Bible! It is the most wonderful mystery, greater than any of those lies old Satan tells us. God put His power in that Word He gave to us. Jesus Himself, who is actually the Creator, calls Himself the Word of God and so He identifies Himself with the Bible. The Holy Spirit who is the actual author of the Bible, is made available to teach it to us personally if we will invite Him.

Why friends, this is greater than any magic and fantasy Satan could dream up! The power of the Life-Giver is actually to be found in His Word! Even a wizard, if he found a magic spell in an old book would have to go and do something to try it out. We don’t have to do anything, just accept it and believe it, and it is ours. Once you really grasp the concept that God never lies, He means exactly what He says; and that the reality of whatever He has promised is found in the Word itself, then the whole Universe opens up before you! 

Even the commandments, when it says, Thou shalt, or Thou shalt not, are promises! If we just say, "Yes, Lord, I will, or I won’t", then the power to obey is there as soon as we accept it and make it ours! If we just say, "Yes, Lord, I will, or I won’t", then the power to obey is instantly provided to us. God doesn’t have to ‘do anything’ to give it to us, it is already there.

We are told that Faith is what is important, where do we get faith? Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the WORD of GOD! We get faith by hearing and reading the Bible. I challenge you, start re-reading some of those old promises you have heard since childhood and just rattle off without thought; read them slowly saying to yourself, "God means this. He means it for me. The very power to bring this about is right here in these words because these are the Words of the Living God! This is His gift to me personally!" 

That’s the ‘faith of a little child’! If a parent tells a little child, "Come here and I’ll give you a toy", he will toddle on over with a big smile and the hand out to receive. Oh, dear readers; try coming to God with a big smile and the hand out to receive; it will change your life!

  Breaking Free from the Magic Trap 

So why, Oh why does not everybody grab onto the real power of the Life-Giver and start living according to the Laws of the universe and enjoying the radiant victorious life? Well, I am sad to say it, but all too many of us want things that the Great Creator God will not give us. Why, because He is mean and selfish? 

NO, no, no! Rather, because they are hurtful, sinful and wrong, and sin, if unchecked will destroy the universe as well as every one who hangs on to it.

I want to take a walk on the dark side with you for a moment. What kind of things do we want when we seek Satan’s lies? Well we want to be rich, (money is power); we want to get our own wishes; we want to control others; we want to be able to ‘help’ others (on our own terms of course, and especially if we get paid for it); we want to be able to make others admire us; we want to be able to get things done and acquire things with no effort and without waiting for the natural time it takes, (we are lazy and impatient).

OK, but do we want to have rich people control everything in our lives? Do we want people to enslave, manipulate and control us? Do we want people to be able to force us to obey them or they will harm us? You begin to see if you think about it for a while that all these concepts don’t stand up under the light of the ‘Golden Rule’.

Always remember, if somebody does something to somebody, it isn’t much fun for the little guy, and in Satan’s power struggle, there are lots of little guys. In fact, because he is the most powerful, all us humans are ‘little guys’. Want a life where you are always bossed around and tortured by Satan? Well, just follow his lies and fantasies and you’ll have it!

God doesn’t want that for any of His creatures, His laws are set up so all can be free and happy and get along together joyfully forever. Now that’s worth having!

Let’s look at Pokemon; now wouldn’t we just love to have a pocket full of little monsters who will obey us and attack others on command? (That’s a bit like a guard dog, we think he’ll only bite our enemies, but often he bites us too.)

 But do you want someone who doesn’t like you to have a pocket full of monsters and command them to hurt you? That’s a bit different isn’t it?

What about Harry Potter; a great wizard or sorcerer; you’d love to have him for a friend and he’d work magic and help you. But what if he didn’t like you any more? Then you’re in big trouble aren’t you? And think how scared you’d be of offending him! 

That’s the way the poor native peoples of the world were, and still are sometimes, when they had to obey the witch-men. They lived in terror of offending them. They were oh, so happy when the missionaries came and told them about Jesus who was stronger than the witch-men.

Remember the made up story of the sorcerer’s apprentice? Well this foolish young fellow was lazy and wanted to use magic to do the job he was supposed to do himself. He got some magic going, but he couldn’t get it turned back off and got into terrible trouble. You know, this is what will happen to everyone who decides to follow Satan’s lies and try and work magic of any kind; they will end up trapped and not be able to break free from the snare. Then Satan will laugh as he destroys them.

But I’ll let you in on the most wonderful mystery of the universe. It’s called the ‘Mystery of Godliness’. God saw that when Mother Eve obeyed Satan to try to get some magic power, that she and all mankind would be ensnared and destroyed by Satan. So He stepped in and provided a way of escape for all who will agree to take it. 

The Creator Himself, Jesus, the Son of God, paid the death penalty and God said, "There, the door is open again, you can come home to Me, becuase I’ve bought back for you the right to choose. If you choose to come to Me, Satan can’t get you any more. Oh, he’ll try, he’ll put bait out, he’ll tell you lies, but if you keep coming to Me and choosing My ways, he can’t ever take you back! And I’ll send all the power in the universe to keep you safe, if need be."

You know, dear reader the Bible says, "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." Matthew 28:18. Now when I went to school ‘all’ meant everything, there’s nothing left. So if Jesus has ‘ALL POWER’ how much real power does Satan have? NONE! 

And how much real power do witches and wizards and Harry Potter and Pokemon and New Age have, and well I could go on all day couldn’t I? And the answer is they have NONE; no real power at all. And finally, how much power do you have if you follow Satan, who has no power? You have less than none.

Now, what if you have already been hooked, perhaps on Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, New Age, Wicca or something? Well there is still that one gift that God gave you, the power to choose to break free.  Jesus' mighty power will be behind you if you choose to leave Satan and follow Jesus. Satan will rage and bellow, but he can’t take you away from God, if you don’t agree to let him do it.

 "And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve;… but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."  Joshua 24:15