"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1



The Truth About Harry Potter and Occult Books

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The Truth About Harry Potter

Now I am going to tell you right away that I am not going to be saying much about what is in the Harry Potter books or movies. Instead, I want to tell you about why Satan wants people to get into reading and learning about these things. I want to help you learn how to spot Satan’s tricks and how to find real power for your own life.

Everything good that God has given to His people, Satan has made a counterfeit of, and he even counterfeits things that belong only to God. What is a ‘counterfeit’? It is a copy that isn’t real. It may look real but it isn’t. You can get toy coins that look all bright and sparkly like gold. But they are just hollow and have gum or chocolate in them. Real gold is worth a lot, if you had a big, pure gold coin, you could buy a lot with it, but if you took one of these toy coins to the bank, they would just laugh at you.

There is one thing that we know, if there is a counterfeitthere must be a real thing somewhere. Nobody makes a counterfeit 3-dollar bill, because it wouldn’t fool anybody. There are no real 3-dollar bills. So when Satan is busy fooling people with his counterfeits, we can know that there are real blessings that God has for us.

Satan’s aim is to get us all mixed up, so we go after his lies and throw away God’s truth. You see, he knows that we can’t have his lies and God’s truth together. Some of the things Satan promises people are things that are not possible for us to have at all. They are things that only God really has. They only belong to God.

Things like being able to create a living being or make a dead person come to life; living forever and never dying; being able to know the future before it happens. These things only belong to God. (See John 1:3; 1 Timothy 6:16; Isaiah 46: 9,10)

Satan can’t do these things, but he tries to trick us into thinking he can. In fantasy stories and witchcraft, people are told that if they have the right words to say, or actions to do, or ingredients to mix together, then they will be able to do these very things, make things alive that are not alive, make dead people talk to them, stay alive forever, and be able to either control what happens in the future, or be able to tell what is going to happen. 

He tricks people into thinking such powers are real and if they just learn enough, or obey him or study ancient mysteries, they can learn to have these powers. Now the truth is that even Satan does NOT have these powers, nobody has them except God. So how does Satan get you to think he has them?

Mainly, through lies. He just tells people they will not die, that they can live forever. People like to believe that lie. Remember, he told Mother Eve that lie didn’t he? But we are not like Eve now, we see people die, we see dead bodies, so he has to tell us another lie. He tells us that our body isn’t really us. He says we have a part inside called a ‘soul’ and that part is really us, and it never dies even if our body dies.

He has most everybody in the world believing that lie. But the Bible tells us in Genesis, that man became a living soul, it does not say we have a soul or we were given a soul. It also says that souls die. (See Ezekiel 18:4)

Another way he is tricking people, is to have his angels change how they look and imitate someone who is dead. Then he has them tell you things that you think only the dead person would know about, but Satan’s angels know about these things too. So people are fooled into thinking that spirits of dead people live on and can talk to us. But the Bible tells us that the dead don’t know anything. (Ecclesiastes 9:5) This is a counterfeit.

What about telling the future? Well Satan has a hard time here, because he doesn’t know the future; but he has been around a long time. He saw your daddy and your great grand-daddy and so on. He knows what they were like and what they did; this helps him to know what you might also do.

There are other ways he tries to tell the future. He tells what he and his angels are planning to do. And so if God does not stop him, he can make his story about the future happen. If he says a certain plane will crash, he can go and crash it, unless God doesn’t let him do it. If a fortune teller says to you that you will meet some wonderful person and fall in love, Satan can do a lot to make this happen.

Now if someone tells you they have power to do these things, or that you can learn to have power to do them, just walk away from them and have nothing more to do with them; because it is all a lie and a counterfeit.

But there is a real part. God has these powers. God tells us about the future in the Bible prophecies. God promises if we come to Jesus and give our hearts to Him, that He will save us, and someday we will live forever. God can create and make the dead come to life again and He will, when Jesus comes again. Don’t let Satan trick you into throwing away what is real; to try and get what is not real. 

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