"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1


The Truth About Harry Potter & Occult Books

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The Winner and the Looser

This time we will talk some more about the lies and tricks that Satan is using to snare boys and girls (and big people too) and get them to turn away from Jesus, the One who loves them so much that He died to save them, to go chasing after the devil’s rabbits. Even if they catch one, they will find out it will just turn around and bite them.

So many people get lured into different kinds of magic and witchcraft, thinking they are going to get some special power and have a better life through it. Many even go into it, thinking that if they get these special powers it promises them, that they can use them to help other people and not for anything bad.

Very few people go into magic and New Age and Wicca and so on, thinking that they are going to serve Satan and do his bidding. That is why so many young people, and older ones too, when they see the warnings on our Harry Potter Magic site, write to us all angry, and deny that they have anything to do with Satan.

But sadly, saying so doesn’t make it true, and when Satan can get people to serve him, he is especially happy when they don’t even believe he exists. That way he can fool them easier and when he does some tricks for them, they are all excited thinking THEY have special powers or that God is doing it for them.

Satan can better use these people to fool others, even Christians, into doing things that are really just witchcraft under new names. 

But there are some people, yes, even some children, who are quite happy to serve Satan, if they could just get some of those powers, like they read about in the Harry Potter books.

I received a very sad letter from a little boy who is all caught up with Harry Potter. His letter was full of bad words so I can’t print it here for you to read, but what he said showed some of the tricks and lies that Satan tells to these poor people.

This boy said he had read all the books 3 times each. From what he said, he thought people who believe in Jesus are stupid. But what the poor fellow didn’t know or forgets is, that Jesus is real-Harry Potter is just something that a woman made up, it isn’t true at all. I believe that Satan helped her to make up these stories, as he wants to use them to catch and fool boys and girls who read them. But still, it is only a fairy tale.

Now here is something interesting, people are saying it is good for children to read Harry Potter, because at least they learn to read. But this poor boy’s letter showed that he did not know how to even write a proper sentence or spell even simple words. All his reading wasn’t doing anything good for him; just putting him where he was hating Jesus and Satan could fool him.

Now this boy felt that he would get great power, if he could only get the right ‘spell’ and he meant witches spells. He even said he would sell his soul to get this power.

I want to talk for a moment about this idea that people have, that they can ‘sell their soul’ to Satan and he will give them great power, and they will live forever as a special evil servant of Satan. What a sad bunch of lies!

For one thing, we don’t HAVE a soul-we ARE a soul. Soul just means what you are as a living thinking being. Even animals are called ‘souls’ in the Bible.

The second important thing to know is, you can’t sell your soul, because you don’t own it! Every living thing belongs to God. Even Satan’s life belongs to God. God created all living things; they belong to Him.

Also, Jesus died to redeem you from Satan, so He owns you double-first because He made you- second because He bought you. So Satan can’t buy from you what you don’t own.

But-and this is a big BUT, there is a third way that God wants to own you, and that is He wants you to CHOOSE to be His. He won’t force anyone to belong to Him if they don’t want to. This is where Satan comes in with his tricks. He actually gets children even, to think they can sell their souls and they do some ritual for to do this. Then later when they find out how cruel Satan is, and they learn about Jesus and would like to belong to Him, Satan tells them they can’t, because they sold their soul to him and now Jesus won’t accept them.

Boys and girls, if you find anybody who has fallen for this trick, you just tell them that Satan is a liar! He can’t buy a soul from you, because you don’t have one, and God owns your life. He is just tricking you. Run to Jesus in prayer and tell Him you CHOOSE to be His and He will help you right out of Satan’s claws.

What if you do get some sort of power from Satan by promising to serve him? Well, remember, these powers are not real. Satan himself does not have the powers he often promises to people stupid enough to listen to him.

He promises them they can live forever. Satan can’t make anything alive or keep anything alive! In the end he will find out he can’t even keep himself alive. All life belongs to God.

So what are some other powerstelling the future; this is not a power that people really can have; Satan’s angels have to tell people what they want to know and they can tell some things because they are all over the place and know a lot about what is happening. They can also help make some things come true. But when the bad angels get tired of doing this for a person, he finds out, it was just a trick.

Levitating or flying; this is only possible when Satan’s angels carry something and it looks like it is flying. If they get tired of carrying it-no more flying!  In Heaven we will be able to fly for real!

Power to ‘cast a spell’ to hurt people; this is all done by Satan and his angels and not by people at all. It is interesting that in the mission fields in years gone by, when Christian missionaries were close to the Lord, even the devil-doctors would say that their spells could not hurt God’s people. God’s angels are stronger than the fallen angels.

Jesus defeated Satan; someday he will be destroyed; why get tricked into serving  a LOOSER, when you can choose to belong to the WINNER?

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