"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1



The Truth About Harry Potter & Occult Books

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Believers or Unbelievers

There are several mistakes people make about miracles, or supernatural events. One is the most common; these folks just say they don’t believe any miracles or supernatural things ever happen. They think it is all a trick. These are also the folks that tend to say books like Harry Potter are ‘Just Pretend’ and so perfectly all right to read.

Now these people are easiest for Satan to fool, because all he needs is to do something or tell them something that they think nobody else knows about, and right away they are convinced.

 The sad thing about these people is that when they are convinced, they go right into believing whatever the ‘occult’ teacher or psychic counselor told them. They do not question it, or go to the Bible and see what the warnings are. This is because when they didn’t believe in anything, they didn’t believe in God or the Bible either. Now they end up believing whatever Satan feels like telling them; Very sad indeed!

Now another group believes that all miracles and supernatural things don’t come from God or the devil; but they are sure that it is just some law of science that hasn’t been discovered yet. They don’t believe in either God or the devil, and laugh at people who do believe. They think they are ‘very scientific’ and they often get involved in learning ‘magic’ or ‘new age’ stuff because they think it is the way to explore ‘unknown science.’

These people are the ones that tell you, that man only uses just a tiny part of his brain (maybe that is all they do use) and all these ‘miracle powers’ are really just abilities in our brains that we can learn to use. They think we have a lot of abilities in there from the animals we evolved from.

Most of them think our ‘mind’ or ‘soul’ cannot die, and so they are open to being fooled by Satan’s angels into talking with famous ‘dead people’ who are just evil angels in disguise. They will believe whatever these tricky demons tell them. Some, who don’t talk to ‘dead people’, talk to ‘aliens’ from outer space, which are Satan’s angels also.

These folks are also the ones that think the universe is full of ‘powers’ that we can learn to tap into, by linking our brain somehow to them. These people are spiritualists, but will get very mad at you if you tell them that. They are so sure it is just some kind of science they are involved in.  Satan can fool them very easily, and really, science is the god they worship.

Now I want to mention another little group; this group was very common back when the missionaries first went into the heathen lands. These people believe in devils!! They KNOW there is such a thing as devils, and they live their whole lives in fear of offending the demons.

They often believe that every stone and tree and animal has a demon spirit in it and so they practice all kinds of things to try and make sure the demons don’t get mad at them. Often they have to make costly sacrifices, and offer what little food they may have to the devil-gods. They also believe that dead people’s spirits walk the earth.

These people are ruled over by witch-doctors or devil-devil people, who often get rich by keeping the poor people so afraid to offend them. These people worship all these spirit-gods, and live a sad life of fear.  When our missionaries first told them that God up in Heaven loved them and could protect them from devils, it seemed too good to be true. Many believed and were able to break free of the devils and live in the love of Jesus.

There is another little group in our world, who know the truth about Lucifer, and yet they worship him willingly, because they are fooled into believing that he will win the fight against God; and he will make them rich and famous. Often he does make them rich and famous; but Satan can’t give anybody life-and when they are dead, being rich and famous is no use at all! Some of these people help to make books and movies about things like Harry Potter, because by doing this, they know it helps their master Satan, to fool more people.

Now many Christians fall into a different trap. They say they believe in God; but they don’t believe in Satan and his angels. When they do this they don’t really believe God or the Bible, because they are calling God and Jesus a liar. Satan and his angels are talked about in God’s Word and Jesus talked about Satan when He was on earth.

If these people see a miracle or something supernatural, just right away think it comes from God. No matter how weird it is, or even if it doesn’t agree at all with the Bible, they are sure it comes from God.  Many Catholics,and some people in all other churches as well, are like this. Most of these people also believe the ‘soul’ lives on after the body dies, and so Satan can have an easy time fooling them. Satan fools these people with weeping statues; pictures that bleed; appearances of the Virgin Mary, and all kind of things.

I want to especially tell you that there are other, more sneaky ways that he is fooling Christians today, even many Adventists! It is through ‘feelings and emotions’. People believe that if they are in a church or a church group, and they are talking about Jesus, and singing about Jesus, that Satan cannot fool them. So they think that whatever happens to them must come from God and the Holy Spirit!

It is happening often that people who get together to ‘pray for the Holy Spirit’, end up having some strange feeling or action come to them. Some get a wonderful excited, happy feeling and go dancing about or clapping or shouting. Others feel something like a shock or a blow and they fall down helpless to the floor, usually backwards.

On the floor they may roll around or cry or make noises or just be paralyzed. Some people in groups like this start laughing and they can’t stop; or they make noises like animals, pigs, lions, dogs or chickens. Some stagger around as if they were drunk.

Boys and girls, Satan is not afraid anymore to go to church! We are told that in the last days, and the last days are here now, that he will pretend to be ‘converted’ and appear as an 'angel of light'. Many ministers claiming to work for God are really just working for Satan, some of them know it, but most of them don’t know it, and really think it is God guiding them!

There are many danger signs that you can watch for. If a person or a group does not like to spend time reading or learning from the Bible, but would just rather talk, or sit around ‘meditating’ or praying in groups for the ‘spirit’; If they ever make fun of the Bible, saying it is boring; especially the King James Version, or the writings of Ellen White; if they like to talk a lot about ‘feelings’ and loving everybody and do a lot of hugging and kissing; if instead of Bible and Spirit of Prophecy they use sentimental stories or jokes; if they want to use music that has a strong Rock and Roll beat, or makes you feel like clapping and swaying; if they make fun of ‘old fashioned hymns’ or they don’t want to be around older folks in the church; if they think that young people should only have their own meetings or groups, and not have any older people to guide them; if they act or talk as if they do not have to worry about sin or obeying God, but “just do our own thing”; these are all danger signals!!

Another danger signal is a person that tells you they have a special ‘gift’ from the Holy Spirit, and you should come to them for counsel. Or they may want to lay hands on you, so you can have the gift too. If you are invited to go to a meeting and you have heard there are strange things happening, people falling down, or even “healings” taking place; do not go there, as you are walking into Satan’s ground, and you can be fooled and harmed by him if you do. If you go to a meeting or group and you didn’t know before that strange things were happening, but the people start talking about them, or doing them, or telling you how to get some ‘wonderful feelings or power’ from the Holy Spirit; or any of the danger signals are there, get up and leave quickly, warn the others they better leave too, but get out, even if they won’t come with you, or even if they laugh at you.

Satan is coming to church, boys and girls, and you don’t want to be fooled by him! He is counterfeiting the real blessings that Jesus wants His children to have.

There is only one group of people that are going to stay faithful to Jesus and go to heaven with Him; they will be those who give all their heart to Jesus and choose to obey Him. They will read and study the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy until they know it well, and obey it, even if they have to do it alone! They will not just hang around in groups, but will study on their own. They will put away all wrong entertainment out of their lives. They will pray for the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in their lives, not to give them funny feelings or make them do strange things, or so they can boast about being ‘someone special’, but to overcome sin and serve the Lord.

These people will have real guidance and power in their lives, but they will not be boastful or pretend to have some ‘special gift’ that other people can’t have; Oh, No, they will be humble and quiet, and will talk more about God and the Bible than they talk about themselves or other people. They will not act silly or go after parties or entertainment. Also they will not excuse sin! They will learn to ‘walk with God’ as Enoch did long ago. You too CAN CHOOSE to be like this if you will seek to know Jesus and obey Him.

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