"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1


The Truth About Harry Potter

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Tricky Familiar Spirits

Remember we talked about being able to identify a person who is working for Satan and has evil angels controlling or helping him? We learned that unless a person has TOTALLY given ALL their heart over to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is living in their heart and they are seeking to do God’s will and obey Him always, that Satan can work through them even if they don’t realize it.

Ellen White tells us in the Spirit of Prophecy writings that many careless words that we may blurt out, silly talk or foolish joking is used by Satan to cause people to turn away from wanting to follow Jesus all the way. Each of us needs to pray that God will be with our mouths and guard us against unwise talking. (Exodus 4:12)

Today I want to tell you about a very strange thing that Satan does. You know that some people who work for Satan and serve him, have evil angels that tell them secrets so they can tell others. The Bible calls these angels ‘familiar spirits’. These people are called psychics or fortune-tellers. In the Bible they were called ‘soothsayers’.

Satan does this to people sometimes just to make them think they have special powers or are smarter than others. They may hear a voice in their mind telling them, or they may see a quick picture flash into their mind’s eye, that shows them something they did not know about. Then when they tell a person what they saw, they think the ‘psychic’ has special powers.

We have to watch out for Satan will try and get a Christian to make close friends or fall in love with one of his people. He will often give that person words to speak that causes the Christian to think this person knows a lot about the Bible and is really interested in the truth.

They may show an interest in the Sabbath and admit it is the right day to keep. They may say things out of the prophecies and talk about the last day events, and do it in such a way as to make you think they know all about them.

You see Satan knows just what kind of talk will cause an Adventist to feel comfortable and start thinking, “I am sure this person will soon become an Adventist Christian and it is OK for me to be friends with them”. Then as the friendship grows, bit-by-bit, the Christian is led into doing things or taking part in things that he or she knows is not right. Just ‘little things’ at first, like eating foods they know the Lord does not want us to eat, or watching or listening to worldly music or movies.

Often it will be something that cuts into the hours of the Holy Sabbath. Your friend announces they want to take you somewhere on the hours of the Sabbath, and you start thinking you should refuse to go. But then you feel afraid that this person might not be your friend any more. Already Satan is weaving his hypnotic net around you and you feel you must be with this ‘friend’.

Maybe you do say you don’t want to go with them or have them come to visit on Sabbath, but the person says, “Well that is the only time I can come. Don’t you want to be my friend?” And you make a ‘compromise’, something you feel is maybe a bit wrong but mostly OK. Then you start thinking of reasons why it is really OK. (Satan helps you think up these reasons!)  Finally you think, “Well, I will do it just this once, but then I will get a chance and explain to them about the Sabbath and I won’t do it again.”

But once you ‘compromise’, you do it more and more until you are doing things for this person that you would never have done if they had asked you to at first. If you do try and tell them you want to stop, they often turn around and say, “Well, if it was all that bad, why did you come with me the first time?” You can’t answer that and you feel ashamed.

By now Satan has caused you to care more about what this ‘friend’ wants and thinks then about what Jesus wants and thinks. One thing these decoy ‘friends’ always do is flatter you and say things that make you feel they really admire you and think you are very special. Sometimes they even say they like you because of your religion, of course you feel so reassured when they say things like that!

Also Satan weaves a sort of hypnotic spell around you and makes you more and more dependent on this person’s companionship and without noticing it, you drift farther away from Jesus and the Bible. If a Christian friend or relative tries to warn you of your danger at this point, you will feel angry and tell them to mind their own business.

Once Satan gets you compromising on even a ‘little’ thing, he really has you, as God’s angels have to back off a bit and can’t fully protect anyone who is disobeying God, especially when they know better.

I want to tell you a strange happening I know about. A Christian lady met a man who was not a Christian. But as she talked to him he seemed to be really interested in prophetic history and also in health. This lady was having a hard life and this man seemed to be interested in helping her financially as well as interested in health and prophecy too.

It was so interesting to her to talk with him. Then he offered to show her reflexology and do treatments on her feet to help her health condition. They seemed to help and then more and more spiritualistic practices came into their relationship.

Now the interesting thing is that later on, when she had become much more involved with this man than she ever should have been, and she had compromised on just about everything, she asked him one day where and when he had learned the reflexology. He just looked at her and shrugged his shoulders as if he had no idea what she was talking about. He had NOT ever studied and learned it! Obviously it was something that the evil angels that controlled this man just gave to him at the time. You would have thought he was an expert!

 I know of another case where a person who was clearly insane, began talking about the last days prophetic events as if he were a long-time student of Bible prophecy. Clearly it was the fallen angels speaking through this person.

I want you young people to know that Satan KNOWS prophecy; he KNOWS the Bible cover to cover; he KNOWS all kinds of health tricks and the true health stuff too. Don’t ever allow yourself to compromise even the teensiest bit of truth to stay friends with someone, thinking you can later teach them, and it will be OK.

IF someone really wants to learn Bible or health truth, then get someone to help you, and set up a plan and study with him or her, or arrange a group meeting they can attend. If they quickly loose interest or say something like, “Oh, I would really be happier if you would just teach me yourself.” Tell them no, you can’t do this.  If they are really interested in the knowledge they will agree to study with others. If not, they are interested in YOU; don’t be flattered, Satan is moving in on you! Turn around and get out of the situation fast and don’t even talk to them alone again.  

If you are a young lady, don’t study alone with a man; if you are a young man, don’t study alone with a lady. Never forget that Satan can feed these people just what he knows you want to hear. Don’t take even one step in compromise and you will avoid being trapped by Satan and ending up in much misery. Continued =^..^=