"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1


The Truth About Harry Potter

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Devils go to Church: A message for Advent Believers

What if we find spiritualist-type things being done in our churches, and even our ministers are involved? Is it OK then? After all, would they not use the ‘good’ parts of the practice and not the bad parts? Friends, if you find this stuff in the church, then warn others and leave; fast! You are in greater danger than if you were seeing a ‘New Age’ show.  But surely, you say, these things are not in the church?

At a church pot-luck, an Adventist in ‘good standing’ sits down to his meal and pulls a ‘pendulum’ (a piece of chain with a little weight of some kind on the end) from his pocket and holds it over the food. By watching the movement of this pendulum, he says he can tell if the food is nutritious or not.

Is this from God?

A few years ago, a General Conference officer offered an interesting service to missions. If they needed to drill a well to find water, they would send him a map and he would take a pendulum and hold it over the map. Then by watching the action of the little weight, he would make a mark on the map and send it back to the people in the mission field. They would drill their well, and yes, they would find water.

Was this from God?

In western North America an Adventist man takes a funny black box with dials and adjusts and sets it to send healing power to a relative hundreds of miles away. The relative claims to receive the healing power. (but dies anyway).

Is the ‘power’ from God?

A leading SDA minister stands in front of a large group of ministers and church workers and teaches them how to use transcendental meditation and teach their church goers to ‘visualize’ Jesus and then talk to what their mind sees AND listen to ‘his’ answers and use them to direct their lives. When one person is concerned and asks if this is right, he assures that God would protect them from any harm.

Will God protect this?

Another Adventist minister tells a grieving father to ‘visualize’ his dead son and then talk to him and listen to what he says.

Should we ‘talk’ to the dead?

Again an SDA family uses the ‘pendulum’ to test their fruit and vegetables, if the pendulum doesn’t act right they throw the food away.

Is God guiding that pendulum?

In an Adventist church in the USA, a ‘pastor’ preaches to his church on Sabbath; on Sunday the same ‘pastor’ puts on martial arts clothing and teaches martial arts in the church.

Does God bless heathen martial arts classes because they are in the church?

In an Adventist hospital, a young Adventist teaches people to sit in a ‘lotus’ position and gaze at a lighted candle to ‘calm the nerves and expand the mind’. At the same classes Yoga positions imitating the ‘great serpent’ are taught for exercise.

 Does God bless such exercise?

At a camp meeting, an Adventist ‘minister’ dresses up as a magician and does ‘tricks’ in the meetings.

Is God in ‘magic’ shows?

In many churches people kneel in groups while a minister walks around during the prayer session and places his hands on the heads of various ones. Is this Biblical? When we pray, does God only send our blessing through a ‘minister’? What if the ‘minister’ doesn’t like us?

Friends, I could go on and on all day; the bottom line is this: YES! Spiritualism IS among Adventists! NO! God never uses heathen, occult methods to do His work! You can never do good by using the devil’s devices.

Does God say, “Well it is only bad if heathen do it, it is OK if you Adventist Christians do it”? Israel was destroyed because they learned the ways of the heathen and practiced those wicked things in their own ‘churches’.

If God hates the ways of the heathen, He hates them many times more when people who claim to follow Him do them! And Satan? Well he has a carnival!!