"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1


Answers to Your Questions: Part 1

 # 1 "What evidence have we that the Bible is real?" 

Your question is a good one.  "What is the evidence that the Bible and Christianity are real, rather than some other religion?"  Actually this site was not set up to answer that particular question, but to debunk the "it all happened by chance" belief popular today.  A whole different set of evidence is needed to answer your question.  

First, have you actually investigated the other religions based on creation?  Have you looked at their accounts of creation?  My own conclusion is that there are common elements in quite a few accounts, leading me to the conclusion that they are speaking of a "racial memory," shall we say.  And that most of them are oral accounts passed down and distorted for centuries.  The same is true of the stories of a universal flood, which exist in most cultures, no matter how primitive.  

But when I compare the stories, for me the Bible account is so far superior that it leaves me no question.  If you accept the one premise that a superior intelligence designed the amazing world that we live in, then it is obvious that that intelligence is far greater than ours.   

It also seems logical that such an intelligence, after having designed so remarkable a world, would be interested enough in the beings He made to communicate with them, and reveal Himself to them.  The Bible account, if you accept the logic of the statements above, makes a great deal of sense.  

There are objective evidences to support the historical truth of the Bible.  There have been many challenges to its historical accuracy, yet again and again as we investigate the ancient world, its historical accuracy has been confirmed.  And this in spite of a strong prejudice against it by many scientist.  

When one investigates, it is not hard to understand this prejudice.  If the Bible is not true, then it can simply be dismissed, and one can live ones life entirely as one chooses.  If the Bible IS true, on the other hand, there is a Creator God who has a claim on our loyalty and obedience, and who will hold us accountable for the way we live.  No wonder many people would very much like to prove that the Bible is not true, and have made every effort in that direction.  

But there are internal evidences of its truth also.  There is no other book, not one in existence, which has so many prophecies that have clearly been written well in advance, and have clearly been fulfilled.  There is not room here to recount them, but there are a great many.  

And no other book has been the source of such good and moral teaching.  If you compare the moral base of other religions, and their effect upon society, with that of the Bible, the superiority of the Bible comes through clearly.  In fact, most of the morality of even the atheist and agnostic is based (completely without their knowledge) on the Bible.  Let me illustrate:  

If evolution is true, then survival of the fittest is the rule of nature and progress.  If that is true, then why should we protect the weak?  Defective human beings should be eliminated for the good of the race.  Conflict should not only be allowed, but encouraged, as that eliminates the weak so that the strong can progress to greater things.  

If, on the other hand, the Bible is true, then the Creator God (completely opposite than evolution) has placed great value on each individual.  Each one is precious to Him, and has great potential. He has commanded us to protect, love and help the weak.  Now which set of morals is our civilization based on?  And which one do most atheists espouse--even in contradiction to their stated beliefs?  

But the strongest evidences of the truth of the Bible is subjective.  This kind of evidence may not convince another person, but it can give the most decided strength to our own convictions regarding the truth of the Bible.  It reminds me of a story:  

A teacher was mocking the Bible and Christianity, and a student who believed in them. "How can you believe in a book like that, when you don't even know who wrote it?"  

The student answered, "Sir, do you know who wrote the multiplication tables?"  

"No, of course not," answered the teacher.  "But I believe in the multiplication tables because they work!"  

"That is why I believe in the Bible," the student replied.  

And this is the simple truth.  The Bible works. It transforms lives.  It has changed thousands, millions of lives.  It has made so many people honest, kind, hard-working, happier.  It has saved so many from drugs, alcohol, crime.

  Are there those who claim to believe it who are not transformed, who are hypocrites, who are self-righteous bigots?  Yes, of course.  But the fact that many have not in truth taken advantage of its power to change their inmost being does not take away from the fact that millions have truly been changed.

  I am one of those.  As a girl of 21, I found the power of this book.  It has given me hope, and peace through the many trials of my life.  And where I was once lonely and depressed, I have found a deep, inner companionship which I cannot explain to you.  But I am never alone.  My dearest friend is always with me, with warmth and companionship.

  And I saw it transform the life of my husband.  He went from being a selfish, abusive, lazy, dishonest man, to being a loving, devoted, hard-working man.  The change in him alone would convince me that Christianity works.  And I saw it transform two of my three daughters.

  If you really don't WANT Christianity to be true, then you can always find an excuse not to believe.  But remember, whether you believe or not will have no effect on whether or not it is true, only on yourself.

  But if you really would like to find out, I suggest that you talk to this invisible "God who might be true."  That you ask Him, if He is real, to reveal Himself to you.  Then spend a little while each day reading the Bible.  Skip the parts you don't understand, or don't interest you, and read what you can understand.  And talk to this God.  Just see for yourself what will happen! J McR