"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil."
 John 3:19


 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1


These are letters written to answer the questions young readers of this site have asked. In some cases the writer has said they were a witch, or studying to be one.  I am not going to put the people’s names on their letters on, I don’t want to embarrass anyone. 

  >>To a boy who wants to 'sell his soul' to be like Harry Potter, and thinks Jesus is stupid;

TC: I am sorry to say you are being sadly fooled.

What you don't know or forget is, that Jesus is real - Harry Potter is just something that a woman made up, it isn’t true at all. I believe that Satan helped her to make up these stories, as he wants to use them to catch and fool the boys and girls who read them. But still, it is only a fairy tale.

I want to talk for a moment about this idea that people have, that they can ‘sell their soul’ to Satan and he will give them great power, and they will live forever as a special evil servant of Satan. What a sad bunch of lies!

For one thing, we don’t HAVE a soul--we ARE a soul. 'Soul' just means what you are as a living, thinking being. Even animals are called ‘souls’ in the Bible.

The second important thing to know is, you can’t sell your soul, because you don’t own it! Every living thing belongs to God. Even Satan’s life belongs to God. God created all living things, they all belong to Him.

Also, Jesus died to redeem you from Satan, so He owns you double: first because He made you, second because He bought you. So Satan can’t buy from you what you don’t own.

But -- and this is a big BUT, there is a third way that God wants to own you, and that is He wants you to choose to be His. He won’t force anyone to belong to Him if they don’t want to.

 This is where Satan comes in with his tricks. He actually gets children even, to think they can sell their souls and do some ritual to do this. Then later when they find out how cruel Satan is, and learn about Jesus and would like to belong to Him, Satan tells them they can’t, because they sold their soul to him and now Jesus won’t accept them.

If you find anybody who has fallen for this trick, you just tell them that Satan is a liar! He can’t buy a soul from you because you don’t have one and God owns your life. He is just tricking you. Run to Jesus in prayer and tell Him you CHOOSE to be His and He will help you right out of Satan’s claws.

What if you get some sort of power from Satan by promising to serve him? Well, remember, these powers are not real. Satan himself does not have the powers he often promises to people silly enough to listen to him.

He promises them they can live forever. Satan can’t make anything alive or keep anything alive! In the end he will find out he can’t even keep himself alive. All life belongs to God.

So what are some other powers? Telling the future; this is not a power that people really can have; Satan’s angels have to tell people what they want to know and they can tell some things accurately because they are all over the place and know a lot about what is happening, and they can help make some things come true. But when the bad angels get tired of doing this for a person, he finds out it was just a trick.

Levitating or flying; this is only possible when Satan’s angels carry something and it looks like it is flying. If they get tired of carrying it--no more flying!  In Heaven we will be able to fly for real!

Power to ‘cast a spell’ to hurt people; This is all done by Satan and his angels and not by people at all.

it is interesting that in the mission fields in years gone by when Christian missionaries were close to the Lord, even the devil-doctors would say that their spells could not hurt the God-people. God’s angels are stronger than the fallen angels.

Jesus defeated Satan; why get tricked into serving a LOSER, when you can choose to belong to the WINNER?  =^..^=

Dear ____;

I was happy to get your letter and to write to you.

 I am going to tell you a bit about Jesus, because He is your best friend even though you don't know very much about Him yet.

Jesus is the Son of God, and really, this world, and you and me too, all belong to Him. It was Jesus who made this world in the beginning of time.

Jesus loves all people, and especially boys and girls.

He will always hear you if you pray to Him and ask Him to help you. Even if you only pray in your head, He still will hear you.

Jesus wants the boys and girls to love Him and choose to belong to Him.

There is a bad angel in this world called Satan, who decided to be the enemy of God and try to get people to belong to him instead of Jesus. The sad thing is that he tricks them into thinking he is their friend, but he really wants to hurt them and see them die.

The reason Jesus doesn't want us to be witches, is because Jesus doesn't want that bad angel and his helpers to be able to hurt us. Most witches don't realize they are doing Satan's work, but it is Satan that is the liar. Satan fools them. Jesus doesn't hate witches; but He knows if they keep working for Satan, they will be lost.

Jesus will always help any boy or girl who asks Him to, but when we go along with the bad angels, and chose to obey them instead of Jesus, it is very hard for Jesus to help us and keep us safe then.

But remember, any time we choose to belong to Jesus and tell Him so in our prayers, He will always help us.

Jesus is stronger than the bad angels and He can scare them away!

  It would be a good idea to learn about Jesus: Here are some stories that will help:

Here is a story told to a boy learning about Jesus:

Meet Our For Real Best Friend

 Who was Jesus? A baby in Bethlehem? Yes.
A carpenter boy in Nazareth? Yes.
A kind man who helped sick people? Yes.
Jesus was all of these, and much more.

Long before Jesus came down to this world as a baby in Bethlehem, He lived in heaven. In fact, He was the one who created this world in which we live. He made the beautiful trees, the flowers, the hills, the valleys, the birds, the animals, and the fishes in the sea. In heaven all the angels loved Him and delighted to do His bidding. There all was happiness and joy.

Why, then, you ask, if He was so happy in heaven, did He come down to the world at all?

Because He loved the people here, and it made Him sorry to see so many dear little boys and girls growing up to be wicked men and women. True, it was a great sacrifice for Him to exchange the joys of heaven for the sorrows of earth, but He did it, knowing that there was no other way to help people to live better and to save the little children for His kingdom.

But why did He come as a little baby, and not as a grown-up man?

Just so He could grow up like all other little boys and girls. He wanted to live as they live, so that He could be better able to help them all afterward. Well, Jesus the baby grew into Jesus the little boy, and He became Jesus the man of Nazareth, who went about all over Palestine doing kind deeds and healing all the sick people who came to Him.

He taught the people many beautiful lessons, and told them how to live peacefully and happily together. It was Jesus who said that we should do unto others as we would like them to do unto us.

"You have always heard," He said to them also, "that you should love your friends and hate your enemies, but I say unto you, Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who are unkind to you, and hurt you." Matthew 5:43,44.

In His own life Jesus carried out these beautiful lessons, and all the people loved Him. That is, all except a few who were jealous of His popularity. These few were wicked people, and they did not like the way Jesus rebuked them for their sins! (sins are when people disobey God).

These people plotted to kill Him. Think of it! Here was the Son of the great God of heaven, walking about among men, healing and helping them in every way He could, and yet some wanted to take His life! Could anything be more wicked or unkind than that?

And these wicked men succeeded in their plan. They told falsehoods about Jesus, and finally persuaded the Roman governor to allow Him to be crucified. Then the Roman soldiers nailed Him by His hands and feet to a wooden cross in the cruelest possible way, standing the cross up on top of a little hill called Golgotha, overlooking Jerusalem.

There, on the cross, Jesus soon died, killed by pain and sorrow. When He was dead His friends came and, taking Him from the cross, buried Him in a rock tomb belonging to a man called Joseph of Arimathaea.

You ask, "Why did Jesus let the wicked people kill Him?"

Just to show them the full extent of His love. He could have called all the angels of heaven to help Him fight against those wicked men. But no, if He could help them more by dying, He was willing to die. By His death He opened the kingdom of heaven to all who should believe on His name.

That is what that beautiful text means which says, “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3: 16.

So Jesus died and was buried, but He did not remain dead. On the third day after He was killed, the disciples came to His tomb and found it open and empty. A little while after, Jesus met them, and they rejoiced that their beloved Master was alive once more.

For forty days He stayed with them, telling them of the work He wanted them to do, and how they were to go forth into all the world to tell everybody they met—men and women, boys and girls—how much He loved them all.

Then, one day, while He was talking with His disciples near Bethany, He began slowly to move away from them, ris­ing higher and higher into the air until at last, far up in the skies, "a cloud received Him out of their sight," and He was gone.

Yet though Jesus went back to heaven He did not forget those whom He left behind on earth. Nor has He ever forgotten His children through all the long years that have passed since that time.

His love never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and for­ever. He died when He was only a young man, and He never grows old. Having been a boy Himself once, He knows just how to help other children today, rich or poor, sick or well, in all their difficulties and in all their temptations. He will never fail you if you put your trust in Him. He is the children's Friend.

"There's a Friend for little children
Above the bright blue sky;
A Friend that never changes,
Whose love will never die.
Unlike our friends by nature,
Who change with changing years,
This Friend is always worthy,
 The precious name He bears."

 Your other friend,


Dear ____;

The truth always offends those who reject it.

It is very easy for people when they are very young, to think that they know better that all who have gone before them. But sadly, too many find out too late that the pictures they had in their minds, have no relation to truth.

 Suppose you had a sealed box given to you. You were told by one source that the box as full of good things you really want, but someone else told you the box contained a bomb.

Now you would have a problem on your hands. If you opened it to see--you might be blown away.

What would help would be to find someone who saw the box being packed. They could tell you for sure what was in the box.

 This is what the Bible does for us. God saw all the boxes of life being packed. And He gives us true counsel as to what boxes are safe to open and what boxes are not, but will harm and destroy you.

I am going to sprinkle links in this email that you can go to and study to get a broad understanding of the other side of the story, the truth. First, to show the Bible is not 'just another book', go to this link on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, no other book has such clear outlines of the events of history hundreds, even thousands of years before it happened. Only God could know these things.


That story on the HP site is a parable, but many of the occurrences in it are absolutely true- they really happened. Especially the ones that talk about devil control or harassment occurring to people who got into occult things.

The modern 'pagan' religions are telling people many lies. One of the biggest is, that it is claimed the pagan religions are 'older than Christianity' and were man's 'original beliefs'. This is not at all true. The false theory of evolution has contributed to this lie as well.

To get the truth about evolution see: 


Jesus Christ did not just come into existence at the Bethlehem manger in the year 4BC. Christ, actually is the Creator of this world and all in it, and also the Universe. Nothing is 'older than Christ'!

 From the beginning, all created beings worshipped God as the Creator. This was the only worship. But when man fell into sin and was destined to die forever, the Creator stepped in and promised to pay the price and give mankind a second chance. The early form of worship that we now know as Christianity was then instituted.

see: Dragons & Flying Serpents 1: 

Dragons & Flying Serpents 2:

Beginning with the very first child born into this world, Cain, a counterfeit of the true religion was practiced by those who refused God's offer of pardon through Jesus Christ. see Genesis 4 for the story

 From this religion that Cain made up, developed Paganism in all its forms. It often looks true, as a counterfeit resembles the real or it wouldn't fool anyone, would it?  To see where the rebellion against the Creator came from see this slideshow:


 There is a story in the Bible that is very interesting; it is about a young man that thought he knew better than God's prophet. His name was Hazael. The story is woven throughout 2 Kings in the Old Testament.

The Prophet of God met him and started weeping when he saw him. Hazael asked him why he was weeping and the prophet told him it was because of all the horrible and cruel things this man was going to do in the future.

Hazael was offended; here is what he said to the prophet:

2 Kings 8:13 And Hazael said, But what, is thy servant a dog, that he should do this great thing?

But it all happened; this man did such horribly cruel things that his name is associated with cruel tyrants to this day!

You see, God knew what was in the box.

 I urge you to do some reading and exploring for yourself; there are many interesting things on the HPM website. =^..^=